“World Record” Story

I had opportunities to witness a lot of great achievements by athletes in different sports, but this roller-coaster “World Record” story is special one (Equal World Record -> New World Record -> Equal World Record -> No Record at all):

Main “role” belongs to Justin Gatlin, US Athlete, who already had Gold medals in Athens 2004 Olympic Games and Helsinki 2005 World Championship.

PART 1 (May 12, 2006):

Doha, Qatar, IAAF Super Tour meeting; Perfect conditions at stadium, a lot of  track and field stars; 100 m race is (as usual) central point of the evening.

  • Photo 1:  No. 21 – Justin Gatlin (USA) is catching No. 15 – Olusoji Fasuba (NGR) at the middle of the race.
  • Photo 2: Scoreboard is showing 9.77 (Equal World Record). Current recorder was 9.77 (Asafa Powell, JAM, set in 2005)
  • Photo 3: Winner is already surounded by reporters, rest of competitors can not beleive what they see
  • Photo 4: Scoreboard is corrected to 9.76 (New World Record)
  • Photo 5: Media frenzy
  • Photo 6: New “World Recorder” first interview to press

PART 2 (May 17, 2006):

After a couple of days, IAAF was informed by TISSOT Timing that winner time was 9.766, and it has to be manualy rounded to 9.77. Olusoji Fasuba’s African record run in second place is 9.85

Final (Official) Results:

  1. Justin GATLIN                USA      9.77 (=WR)
  2. Olusoji FASUBA             NGR     9.85
  3. Shawn CRAWFORD     USA    10.09
  4. Terrence TRAMMELL    USA    10.11
  5. Anson HENRY                CAN   10.12
  6. Francis OBIKWELY        POR   10.14
  7. Uchenna EMEDOLY      NGR   10.17
  8. Joshua NORMAN           USA   10.34

Final part of story:

July 29, 2006:

  • Justin Gatlin told the media that he had been informed by the USADA that he had given a positive doping test in April the same year. He did, however, claim his innocence. The failed test was revealed after a relay race on April 22, 2006 in Lawrence, Kansas, US. The “B” sample was confirmed as positive in July.

August 22, 2006:

  • Gatlin agreed to an eight-year ban from track and field, avoiding a lifetime ban in exchange for his cooperation with the doping authorities, and because of the “exceptional circumstances” surrounding his first positive drug test (2001).

December 31, 2007:

  • In the final ruling, Gatlin received a four-year ban from athletics.
  • Furthermore, his 9.77 performance, set in May 2006, was annulled.


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